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Yoga & Pilates Classes

Breathe, Move, Practice

Weekly classes - in person & online via Zoom


  • Monday - Pilates,  7-8pm @ Manby Lodge School, Weybridge.

  • Tuesday - Yin Yoga, 7.45-8.45pm @ Oatlands Village Hall, Weybridge.

  • Thursday - Pilates, 0930-1030, live streamed via Zoom. Book here.

  • Saturday Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 0930-1045, live streamed via Zoom. Book here.

If attending your first class with me, either in person or online, please get in touch here in advance to complete a pre-activity questionnaire.

Follow me on Gym Catch to book and pay for in person classes.

About the classes:


I teach Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga and my Saturday online class is a combination of the two! Starting with flow and finishing with Yin poses. In a Vinyasa Flow class, yoga asanas (poses) are linked together to create flowing sequences of movement and breath. Yin Yoga focuses on developing mobility and flexibility through holding floor based poses for longer periods of time. This is a wonderfully mindful practice for reducing stress, calming the nervous system and can help you recover from intense exercise, athletic performance or a hectic, busy lifestyle!


I bring my knowledge of the body and movement to the practice of matwork Pilates. The classes aim to condition and strengthen the entire body, improve spinal and joint mobility, focus on mind-body connection, breathwork and improve posture all done through intentional, flowing sequences.

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1-2-1 / small group sessions

I offer online and face to face 1-2-1 sessions, small group classes, retreats and yoga for dancers and athletes. I am also a Meno Yoga teacher and offer classes & programmes to support women in this stage of life.


Please contact me for any further information.

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